What We Do

According to LayAoo research, 92% of Pakistanis still rely on friends or family who travel overseas to purchase products that might be cheaper or exclusive to a particular country.Product preference is usually European or American. LayAoo will act as a platform for requesters/ Shoppers to fulfill their demands and break down barriers of inaccessibility, high prices and crazy shipping costs. The platform will enable requesters to list the items they want in the marketplace, and people who travel abroad will choose to pick up the listeditems and bring them back with them. Once the travellers arrive in Pakistan, they will drop-off the items at a LayAoo collection point (the company will have a collection/pickup point in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, from where the requester/shoppers will either pick the item up or have it delivered to their preferred location.LayAoo will then secure the payment made by shoppers/requesters in escrow until the traveller has delivered the item. This way, both partiesare secured in the transaction.