As a Shopper

How to shop on LayAoo?

Do you have any exclusive items or are you thinking about the latest hot selling overseas product but either can’t afford to travel to the country the product is in or don’t have the time to go there yourself? LayAoo is the platform that enables shoppers to list the products s/he wants, and the specific country the product can be bought from. Their request is then picked up by some of our hundreds of travellers who will be happy to bring it to with them for a reasonable incentive. NB: please include the necessary info to ensure that your traveler purchases the exact item you want.

  • Requests
  • If you see any product or you like on our website, click on it and ensure you fill in the field correctly before posting it as a request.

  • Offered Requests.
  • This indicates that the offer has been made by a traveler to help or the requester is yet to accept or reject the traveller’s offer.

  • Accepted Requests.
  • This means the traveller’s offer has been accepted by the shopper or the requester. The shopper has deposited the amount for the request, and both parties can begin transaction discussions.

  • Completed Request.
  • This indicates the transaction has been completed. The requester has received the item, and the payment has been successfully released to the traveler.

    What can I request on LayAoo?

    You can request for anything you want in as long as it doesn’t go against the law of Pakistan. As such products like Alcohol, Pork and contraband items are not allowed. Items like; food, drinks, beauty products, clothing, accessories, mobile devices are all request-able items. At times you might be at a loss as to what to buy, just go to our search section or check out our latest recommendations – filled with the best deals and rare offers.

    How much does LayAoo charge for the service?

    Our service fee is 7%

    How do I pay travellers?

    LayAoo allows shoppers to pay through Bank Transfer, Cash Pickups across the country, and using our online merchant account.

    Is my deposit safe?

    Absolutely, Yes! When the shopper deposits for his or her request, the money will be held on LayAoo as an escrow. LayAoo will release the money to the traveller when the shoppers acknowledge that s/he has received the requested item, to satisfaction.

    What if the travellers unable to deliver the item?

    If the traveler fails to deliver the requested item within 7 days of his or her return date.LayAoo will proceed to cancel the request and provide the requester with a full refund.

    NB: LayAoo is not liable for any transaction done outside the platform. If such a situation occurs and travellersfail to deliver, this is undertaken at your own risk.

    Can I communicate with the traveller?

    Yes! We encourage both parties to maintain open communications to avoid purchase of the wrong item and to also inform travellers of any other information to take note of. You can also chat with the travellers under the posted request, in the comments section. Alternatively, you can send your traveller a message to initiate discussions.

    NB: To ensure safety and security of both travellers and shoppers, LayAoo restricts them to communicate or meet outside the platform. You will be banned from the website if found sharing your contact details.

    Will my request come with a warranty from LayAoo?

    LayAoo is not responsible for any warranty actions for items requested through the the platform. Should there be any issue with the product, we advise you to contact the product manufacturer directly. Please ensure you collect all the necessary documents that serve as a proof of purchase.

    How will I identify verified and trusted traveller

    The platform is powered by reviews, so that good "travellers" will by default rise to the top. Travellers who have completed multiple requests and achieved 5-star reviews will also be invited to become "Verified Travellers", a title that will lend these LayAoo travellers a greater level of reliability and trust. Requesters will also able to browse ongoing requests made by other requesters, and if something catches their eye, they will be able to use a copy function to request the same product.

    In which country/city does LayAoo operate?

    We currently have our collection and pickup points in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and have plans to have such points throughout the country.

    Where will I collect my requested item?

    Once the travellers arrive in Pakistan, they will drop-off the items at a LayAoo collection point (the company will have a collection/pickup point in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore from where the requester will either pick up the item or have it delivered to their location of choice).

    Can someone collect on my behalf?

    Absolutely Yes! But the person picking up on your behalf will need to present a valid Pakistani Nadra Card copy/Passport along with a confirmation that you sent him/her to collect the item.

    Once the item is picked up and off our premises, it will be assumed that the product is in good working condition any disputes raised after that will not be considered. Hence a thorough and comprehensive inspection is recommended.

    Who can use LayAoo?

    Anybody that is above the age of 18 is eligible to join LayAoo as a shopper or traveler.

    As a Traveller

    How can I make money while travelling through LayAoo?

    LayAoo connects travellers with shoppers in Pakistan who are seeking products from all around the world. In return, our lovely shoppers pay you an incentive to fly their favourite products to Pakistan.

    Will my contact details be shared with other users?

    No. Your contact details will ALWAYS be private and other users(shoppers & travellers) can only see your first name and a profile picture(you can also change your profile photo by clicking on Edit Profile at the top right corner). Your contact details such as phone number and email are only required so that LayAoo team can get in touch with you when needed.

    What is the guarantee that I will be paid and what if the shoppers cancel their order after I have purchased it?

    We take responsibility of that. And here's how it works: Once you and the shopper have finalised and agreed on the price, shoppers will make the full payment(including your reward/incentive). As soon as we receive the funds in our account, we will notify you and you can then purchase the items. At this stage, the shoppers can not cancel their orders and you WILL be paid for it - because hey, we already got the money ready and waiting for you in Pakistan :)

    What if I need to ask shopper some followup questions about their orders?

    Sure, we actually encourage that! Once you send an offer to an order, a secure chat will be initiated between you and the shopper. You both can exchange details about the product, negotiate prices and close the deal.

    How (and when) do I get paid?

    We will release the funds within 48 hours after receiving the products from you. The 48 hours is only because we have to inspect and confirm that the product is what was ordered and genuine. To speed things up, we encourage you to carry the original receipts with you.

    Once I reach Pakistan, how do I get the items to shoppers?

    You can either drop it off at our collection point in Karachi, or we can get it picked up from your doorstep. After all, your convenience is our top most priority.

    Are there any items I should NOT take orders for?

    You can carry anything to Pakistan as long as it doesn't go against the law of Pakistan. As such products like Alcohol, Pork and contraband items are NOT allowed. Items like; food, drinks, beauty products, clothing, accessories, mobile devices and other electronics are allowed.

    How much percentage should I charge for products?

    There is no set requirement or restriction by LayAoo because we want you and the shopper to be able to set the price that you both are comfortable with. Said that, we advise to charge between 15%-20% of the product cost as your incentive/reward. This is usually accepted by both parties, but you are free to ask for more if the requested item is too big, heavy or expensive. You can also get in touch with our awesome team if you need further help with this.

    Can I trust my shopper?

    Yes, LayAoo is focused on building a global community of people who can help and trust one another. We have a peer rating and review system in place so you can check the reliability of all shoppers before accepting an offer.

    Visit our Trust, Safety & Privacy page for more information