What is LayAoo? How it works.

Welcome! We are a peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting Pakistani shoppers interested in overseas/imported products with in-bound travellers who can carry such products on agreement.

So, imagine a particular type of product you need is not available in Pakistan and is too expensive to ship – in most situations, we rely on friends, family or acquaintances traveling abroad to bring back items that aren’t usually found at home. Whether it’s cosmetics, gadgets, baby clothes, mobile devices, home appliances, beauty products, clothing and more, LayAoo provides endless opportunities, connecting you with travellers flying all over the world. Our operating principle is simple and always stays the same.

Your desired product .. Flown to you, swiftly and affordably

How it works?

Say you have an item you want from anywhere in the world. You can post details of items together with a photo of the items and upload it to LayAoo. Traveller with LayAoo enabled will receive a notification of your request, and can then decide if they want to take on the order. You’ll need to place a deposit, which LayAoo will hold on your behalf for the safe and secure transaction and release to the purchaser once the task is delivered, inspected and approved by you.. LayAoo will charge 7% fees to cover banking and service charges, along with delivery charges if applicable.

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Shop with us today! And experience for yourself:

  • No more shipping restrictions
  • No more reliance and awkward requests to friends and family members
  • No more hassle of forwarding items
  • No more high costs

Get your overseas product from anywhere in the world.

How it works for Shoppers:

How it works for Travellers:


Still wondering why you should choose us?

  1.  Get anything (as long as its legal) from any part of the world! Yes, that’s right. You can finally get hold of limited edition and country-exclusive products.
  2. Shoppers can request for items that are not available in Pakistan or are difficult and expensive to ship.
  3. Travellers can make money our of their extra luggage space while LayAoo handles the tricky payments.
  4. Your money and identity is safe with LayAoo. We ensure 100% safety of your funds, not releasing till you are satisfied with your purchase. Our travellers endeavor to supply you with receipts and you can carry out inspections before approving your purchase. Just ask for receipts when creating order.
  5. Pick and drop service centre in major cities of Pakistan and further plans of expansion to cover cities nationwide.
  6. LayAoo believes in giving our users (both travellers and shoppers) the freedom to decide the price they are both are happy with. We leave it to the Traveller and Shopper to mutually agree on a price.
  7. NO HIDDEN CHARGES and 100% transparency.

Five C’s that make our core values:


Products requested through our platform are extremely cost effective compared to other solutions. On average, we are 40% cheaper than all our competition. You ask HOW? Well, YOU choose the price and we cut off all the middlemen. Our pricing is very, very simple. There are no complicated algorithms. We charge 7% on the purchase price and a fee of 300rs to cover banking and service charges. The traveller bringing in product is just another helpful user of our platform who makes some incentives for giving away his extra luggage space.

Giving traveller and requester (shoppers) the freedom to agree on traveller remuneration is something we are very proud of.



  • We take care of all security and safety measures.
  • Shoppers and traveller don’t have to meet to exchange products. You can simply pick and drop off the products at one of your regional collection/pick up points OR choose a delivery option (at an additional- yet nominal - cost).
  • To safeguard our traveller and shoppers’ privacy, we allow you to either display your photo on the profile, or not.


We are here to spoil you with choices! With travellers coming from all over the world at your fingertips, you can literally get anything from anywhere - as long as it’s legal.



With just a few click on our website, you can connect with hundreds of members who are ordering and travelling every week.



We are cheaper and faster than all our competitors. We are simply the best because no such marketplace like this has ever existed in Pakistan and we truly want to get you what you want, when you want it and at the price you’re comfortable paying.

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